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    We often are asked why we offer ArtCAM Express with our ICONIC CNC machines and not V-Carve Pro which has become a popular design program for hobbyist and beginner CNC’ers. In fact a few years back we offered it as an accessory to our CNC machines. When we decided we wanted to supply a copy of design software with every machine we made the switch from VCP to ArtCAM based on the following:

    1) Price: $189 for a single user copy of ArtCAM Express vs close to $1000 for the VCP bundle of VCP, Cut 3D and Photo V-Carve which was necessary to give us all the same functions ArtCAM included. Quite frankly we just felt that the added functions of VCP such as nesting, tiling and a few other pretty cool features did not justify the difference in the price tag.

    2) North American customer support: Support is the most important part of our business and not having a support team help in NA was troublesome for us. Vectric’s support team is in the UK (the are open when we are closed and vice versa) plus, as they grew, we found response time was getting longer and longer. We try to provide front end support for our customers but their are plenty of times when we simply do not have an answer and rely on our supplier for Tier 2 support. Delcam’s team has been amazing from day one and we have appreciated the great secondary support they offer us.

    3) Networkable Licensing: Since a huge portion of our business revolves around education we needed a software that was a dedicated network license, which ArtCAM is. Back in the VCP days we had many nightmare installations trying to get single user copy software to run on a school network. It was sometimes trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

    We still try to maintain a great relationship with the boys at Vectric and try to visit with them when we are all at the big wood shows like IWF and AWFS. They have done an amazing job of creating a great product. We have lot’s of customers who use their software on some of our General and Oliver machines and are working with them at the present to try and get a post written for our ICONIC machines. I will repost when this is done.

    If you are a V-Carve Pro owner you will be able to use it for our machines. We are just limited in terms of support on the software side simply because we are not familiar with it. We will need to leave you in the very capable hands of our friends at Vectric.


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    Vectric now has a working post-processor for V-Carve Pro and Aspire. Ask their support manager, Mark to send you a copy. They have both mm and inches

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