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    We did our best to create not only the best website in the CNC industry, but one of the greatest user-friendly websites in the world. That said, no website is perfect, and we would love your feedback. If you notice anything unusual on our website (spelling mistakes, pages not loading, etc.), please feel free to post it here, and we will get it fixed ASAP!

    If possible, please be sure to include what device you are using (ie. MacBook, PC, Android phone, etc.), and your browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.).

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    It’s not really a bug but more a suggestion; it would be nice if the forum had general sections with sub sections inside. Currently if one adds a post this list grows into one big list. One other nice feature if this system allows it, is an area that displays the profiles of members, so you could eventually see what other Iconic Members are doing, who’s around your area, obviously based on what a person displays in their profile. Just some thoughts

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