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    I am creating a small jig for a company, and it is using Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene. I will be carving a plate and small pins that will stick up. The pins will be small so I will carve them on one side, flip the part and carve the other side and push the pins out then glue them into their holes in the plates. The smallest pin will be .100 of in inch in diameter.

    I will use the 1/32 Conical Bit, but what feed and speed settings should I use? Any other advise would be appreciated.

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    Tough to know exactly where to go with this one. If it were me I would start slow (30 ipm or so) and gradually increase until I find the sweet spot. Same for RPM. I would try around 14-16,000.

    If you plan on doing these on an ongoing basis then it will be worth spending the time finding the right mix.


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