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    Currently I don’t have it in my budget to purchase the 3D Modelling Software I would like, which in my case is Vectric’s Aspire. I do however have wonderful software for 3D Modelling. Autodesk’s Fusion 360. So here’s what I am currently doing, and can be a Tip for a person of school needing to do 3D Modelling from Scratch.

  • 1. Go to you tube’s Fusion 360 Channel for fantastic Fusion 360 tutorials.
  • 2. Create your 3D Model and be sure all the modelling is joined so you can save one big 3D Model. This is because in V-Carve Pro you can only import one Model into one project. I don’t think this is the case in ArtCam Express. So if my assumption is correct and you want to import multiple models, use ArtCAM Express. You will need to figure out some of this on your own 😉
  • 3. Be sure that your sketches are on the Front Plane facing forward. Otherwise importing into V-Carve Pro causes issues. Do some experimenting with small models so you understand how things work.
  • 4. Select your Fusion 360 Model and right-click then save as STL
  • 5. Open V-Carve Pro and create the same size model. then go to the 3D Tab and select to Import Model.
  • 6. Because I experimented with Fusion 360 I could accept the defaults and the Import went well.
  • I will post a tutorial in the future.
    Hope this helps someone 🙂

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    Great tips Doug. Thanks for the post.


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