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    ICONIC supplies two programs with your machine, iPicture and ArtCAM Express. We also supply instructional tutorials and ongoing support to help you get the most out of your CNC experience. Some of our customers, however, have experience with other CAD programs and would like to use that. This is not a problem at all. ICONIC CNC machines work on standard g-code formats.

    Here are a couple things to consider:

    1) If you are using a CAD software program that also has a CAM component (in other words the software can post g-code ready to machine) then you will need to consult the software manufacturer to determine the correct post processor to use to write the programming code for your ICONIC CNC. feel free to copy us in this correspondence as we can supply the software guys with everything they need to get this for you. In some cases they may charge a nominal fee to do so but, in many cases they already have a customer using one of our machines so the work is already done.

    2) If you are using a software program that is CAD only (has no capacity to create actual toolpaths) like AutoCAD, Solidworks, Google Sketch Up, etc, then the process is pretty simple. Save the file in a format that ArtCAM will recognize and then import that file into ArtCAM to create your toolpaths and post out to your machine. For example ArtCAM recognizes STL, RLF and DXF files. These are common formats that virtually every CAD software program can output.

    If you still have trouble, drop us an email and we will help you sort it out.

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